Bgmi comeback in May big leaks

Bgmi Comeback In May Big Leaks

In the past few days, we have noticed that bgmi/pubg is continuously giving us hints regarding bgmi comeback in India soon

Bgmi comeback in May big leaks

bgmi coming in may

Krafton has recently launched two new characters last month and again announced that two more new characters are to launch next month.

Is that a hint of bgmi comeback in India or is that a hint that krafton is trying to take users to pubg and bgmi might not come back again?

So on this blog post I will try to clear all the confusion so please read the post fully and if you found this post informative in any way then please share this post .

So first start with some pro players’ statements about what they think about bgmi comeback.

Saumraj on bgmi comeback in india

So samuraj who plays bgmi professional for skylight gaming on his recent livestream one of his viewers asked him about the possibilities of bgmi to come back to india?

Then he responded this :-

Samuraj said that bgmi will definitely come back to India because India has the highest user base in the world.He also said that according to some inside leaks bgmi to come in May 2023 but it’s not confirmed 100% it might come back early also or Maybe late also but he gave us some clear hints.

Scout on bgmi comeback in play store/app store

so tanMay Singh aka scout who is also a professional eSports player of bgmi on his recent livestream said that some days back he opened bgmi and played two-three matches with fellow pro eSports players and during that someone told him that someone from official has leaked that bgmi is ready to comeback in May 2023 in play store and app store.

But the scout also said that nothing is confirmed and requested everyone to at least have a backup plan for the future rather than eSports only and start focusing on studies also.

Ninja op also gave us hints :

Ninjaop who plays bgmi professional for TSM India has also said the same thing that according to some leaks bgmi will come back to comeback in india.

Technical guruji also covered the topic of bgmi comeback in his news video

Gaurav choudhary who is famously known as technical guruji on his one of his news video covered the topic of bgmi comeback in india and told that it will definitely comeback but this might take time because krafton who is the publisher of bgmi game will not repeat the same mistake which they had repeated in past so this process might take time.

Trakin tech on bgmi comeback :-

Trakin tech a famous tech Youtuber also covered the topic of bgmi return in india and said the same thing that bgmi will take time because krafton has to deal with government from a new approach and it will take time.

Some big leaks in game bgmi :-

Krafton is continuously giving their bgmi players hints that not lose hope of comeback we are working on it.

So when u open bgmi and click in event section then these events will so to you

  •  Bgmi comeback in May big leaks
  • Bgmi comeback in May big leaks

and when you click on any of them it will redirect you to a youtube channel called krafton player support

Bgmi comeback in May big leaks

When you open that channel them it’s creation date is one week after bgmi banned in India and all videos are uploaded recently.So it clearly indicates that krafton and his team is working super hard to relaunch the game in india.

Conclusion :-

So as we are seeing many leaks and rumours about bgmi game comeback it clearly indicates that game will make a comeback super soon and krafton is also giving us direct hints in-game so I conclude that bgmi will surely come back.

Keep your squad ready to rush and get a winner, winner chicken dinner.


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